Graduate School in the Health Professions

Applying to graduate school in the health professions is a lengthy, highly competitive process. To best support students, Dunbar offers several consulting options, and can also create custom programs to meet your needs.

Graduate School in the Health Professions

Applying to graduate school in the health professions e.g., medical, dental, vet, PA, requires not only outstanding grades and standardized test scores, but a sophisticated portfolio of research, clinical, leadership and service experiences that is authentic to each student and resonates with admissions committees.

We encourage students to answer and reflect on the following open-ended questions:
• What are you passionate about?
• What is your unique story?
• How have your experiences shaped you?
• What impact have you made in your community?
• Why do you want to be a doctor/vet/dentist?

In order to effectively and thoroughly answer these questions, students need to actively seek out opportunities to learn new skills, contribute to their community and ‘ground’ their interest in the health professions. Experiences should be a balance of health related experiences (e.g., shadowing a doctor/dentist/vet, volunteering in a clinic, research) and other activities (e.g., playing a sport, tutoring, employment, volunteering).

Each experience will ’inform’ your decision and build competencies required for your application such as resilience, adaptability, critical thinking and communication skills. With Dunbar’s help, together we will build a roadmap to successfully navigate the numerous milestones in the application process emphasizing each student’s individual talents and accomplishments.

To meet the growing demand for graduate school assistance, Dunbar is pleased to announce an expansion of our graduate school services with the addition of Jennifer Ely Nemecek, a dedicated specialist in graduate school admission in the health professions including medical, dental, and veterinary school. Jennifer comes to Dunbar with 20+ years of experience in higher education and her extensive advising background is a great asset to our team.

We offer several Pre-Health Advising and Guidance Consulting Options and can also create custom programs to meet your needs.

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