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Positive Educational Direction
Professional guidance services for students bound
for boarding school (including special needs), college or graduate school

Special Needs

Learning Disabilities

Rick Dickson and Don DunbarFamilies of students with diagnosed learning disabilities or attentional issues face greater challenges in finding the right environment which will make their child’s academic experience more positive and rewarding. There are appropriate schools with student bodies made up partially or entirely of students with learning needs.

Our discovery process can determine the optimal school size and location for the individual student. Dunbar can help with school selection, applications and recommendations for evaluations, as well as tutors and coaches. Our families choose between a comprehensive program or an a la carte program, specifically tailored to their needs.

Therapeutic Schools & Programs

Families in crisis dealing with troubled youth benefit from an experienced consultant who can mediate within the family and help them evaluate options in conjunction with their health professionals. Whether dealing with depression, low self-esteem, drug and/or alcohol abuse, learning disabilities, poor academics or a combination of the above, parents need to know there is a safe program/school that will successfully treat their child.

Our consultants have the experience to sort through the multitude of schools and programs, determining which will best address your child’s specific issues. On a regular basis, we visit and evaluate schools and programs on academics, clinical expertise and therapeutic milieu.

Subsequently, we offer the student an appropriate program and stay in frequent contact with both the school and family during this highly stressful period. In some instances, the complete treatment will be a multi-program process in which an educational consultant is critical to coordinate the entire process.

Therapeutic School Visit List

  • Allen Institute, Connecticut
  • Alpine Academy, Utah
  • Apex, New York
  • Asheville Academy, N. Carolina
  • Aspen Institute, Utah
  • Auldern Academy, N. Carolina
  • Cedar Ridge School, Utah
  • Center for Change, Utah
  • College Living Experience, Florida
  • Copper Canyon Academy, Arizona
  • Crossroads Academy, Utah
  • Cottonwood de Tucson, Arizona
  • Daniels Academy, Utah
  • Devereaux Glenholme, Connecticut
  • Discovery Academy, Utah
  • Discovery Ranch, Utah
  • Gateway Academy, Utah
  • Grove School, Connecticut
  • Heritage School, Utah
  • Island View, Utah
  • La Europa, Utah
  • Logan River, Utah
  • Maple Lake Academy, Utah
  • Mountain Valley, New Hampshire
  • New Haven, Utah
  • Oakley School, Utah
  • Open Sky Wilderness, Colorado
  • Pasadena Villa, Florida
  • Pine Ridge, Utah
  • Prescott House, Arizona
  • Provo Canyon School, Utah
  • Rock Point School, Vermont
  • Rogers Memorial Hospital, Wisconsin
  • Rushford, Connecticut
  • Second Nature, Utah
  • Shortridge Academy, New Hampshire
  • Silver Hill Hospital, Connecticut
  • SLS Health, New York
  • Solstice, Utah
  • Sovereign Journey, New Hampshire
  • Spring Lake Ranch, Vermont
  • Spring Ridge Academy, Arizona
  • Spruce Mountain Inn, Vermont
  • Stetson School, Massachusetts
  • Stonington Institute, Connecticut
  • Summit Achievement, Maine
  • SUWS of the Carolinas, N. Carolina
  • Telos, Utah
  • Timberline Knolls, Illinois
  • True North Wilderness, Vermont
  • Turn-About-Ranch, Utah
  • Uinta, Utah
  • Valley View School, Massachusetts
  • VISTA, Connecticut
  • Waypoint Academy, Utah
  • Wellspring, Connecticut
  • Youth Care, Utah
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