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What families say about us:

"Natalie and I appreciate all the help, encouragement, direction and support you gave Jac and as a result he has made what we believe to be the best college selection for him...It also worked out well for us too, which is an unexpected bonus. We’ll always be a reference for your and will be a repeat client again..."

Chris & Natalie Holcroft
San Diego, CA

"The Dunbar team was extremely helpful to us with both a boarding school and college placement. We came into the boarding school application process very late. They interviewed our daughter and us, came up with a short list of schools to visit and successfully guided us through the application process. Although we live in Colorado, we also used Dunbar as our college counselor. After an initial in-person meeting, our son and we worked with our Dunbar counselor by phone -- including video Skype -- and found the college application process very smooth, despite the distance. Our son was accepted early decision at his first-choice college and will enroll in the fall. We recommend Dunbar without reservation."

Jerry Kashinski and Mary McBride
Englewood, CO

"We are so happy about Sheldon's decision to go to Choate. They have already embraced her in such positive ways. We can feel that this is going to be good.

"Thank you again for all of your advice and encouragement. You lightened the cumbersome feeling of the application process making it feel less a mystery and way more manageable."

Jamie Hawthorne
Ormond Beach, FL

"I want to thank Dunbar Consultants for the very important role they played in the acceptance of my daughter Mara by her first choice college. Their advice and help in the preparation of her application were decisive in the choice of colleges she applied to and in her eventual acceptance. The professionalism of the staff of Dunbar was apparent every step of the way."

George Strongylis
Brussels, Belgium

"We hired Dunbar Educational Consultants to work with our son, in both finding the right college and presenting himself well in the college admissions process. We were so pleased with both the journey and the end result, that we felt it would be unfair not to give our daughter the same advantage. I think the most important thing that they did was to help each of our children realize what their strengths were, to help them articulate and organize their thoughts, and then to some how, in a way that is particularly difficult for a parent to do, help them actually take charge of the whole process themselves. It was a great experience for us as a family and a worthwhile investment, as we both feel that the most important gift you can give your children is the best possible education."

Don & Ellen Watson
South Dartmouth, MA

"I just wanted to thank you so very much for seeing Gil through the college re-application process. I think we can safely say that the remedial work of the past two years, as well as your renewed support for the transfer process, has been a resounding success! We're confident Gil is finally matched with the right school. So thanks for "jumping in" again when needed, and for your expert coaching."

Anne Rosen and Andre Spears
New York, NY

"With the invaluable guidance of Dunbar Educational Consultants, our four children were accepted by the college of their first choice. The Dunbar team had in-depth discussions with each child, and drew on their extensive experience to help each one assess what colleges would be good matches. The team challenged them to put forth their best in the application process. We were impressed, for example, with how the team spurred them on to delve deeper and deeper in the preparation of essays. And, with the highest degree of professionalism and dedication, they continued to provide wise counsel through to the end of the admissions process. Who could ask for anything more?"

John and Ingola Hodges
Washington, DC

"My mid-twenties career search with Dunbar Educational Consultants had far deeper impact than my exciting transition from management consulting to a non-profit film organization. Our conversational and email explorations led to greater awareness of my authentic interests, more genuine and effective workplace relationships, a cross-country move, and greater confidence to carve out a future path unique from parents or peers."

UNC-Chapel Hill Graduate
Denver, CO

"Thanks for guiding us through this grueling and cumbersome process. Your input was timely, precise and well thought out. You were instrumental in my son’s success."

Gonzalo Pacanins
Bethesda, MD

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