Planning for Summer 2024

By The Dunbar Team


Believe it or not, now is a good time to think about SUMMER plans, especially if you are interested a summer enrichment or research program with an early deadline (as in December or January!).  We have always advocated taking advantage of the summer months to pursue interests, earn money, develop independence and responsibility, build skills, and explore passions—or ideally a combination of these goals! If you are looking for summer programs in a particular interest area, we have three amazing resources to share.  These websites have searchable databases of hundreds of summer enrichment programs for high school students. There are TONS of opportunities on a wide variety of campuses and a wide range of disciplines from aerospace, architecture, and archeology to zoology. If you are interested in doing an academic program, we suggest you start researching programs now.

College Matchpoint



Some examples of programs we have seen our students enjoy and benefit from are listed below with links.  While we are not affiliated with any of these programs, we like to share ideas for our students to explore. Here are some ideas for Summer 2024 Enrichment programs to think about NOW (many applications are open and some have early deadlines).  Please take the time to look at all the options as there are definitely some options that could fit in more than one category!

A word about college enrichment programs:  These types of programs allow high school students to take college-level courses with other high school students on a college campus.  These types of “pre-college” programs do not generally provide an admissions boost to the institution that hosts the program, however, they are a great opportunity to get a taste of college life and possibly develop a relationship with faculty at that university.  Applying to a summer program will also give you a taste of what applying to college entails since many enrichment and research programs will require multiple components including essays or writing samples, letters of recommendation, and high school transcripts. Creative programs might additionally request a performance clip or an audition.  For programs that interest you, read the list of requirements carefully and START EARLY.