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Professional guidance services for students bound
for boarding school (including special needs), college or graduate school

Dunbar International team


International families considering educational choices in the United States rely on Dunbar Educational Consultants for essential support and advice.

By helping overseas families understand the academic and social characteristics of specific American schools and colleges, we provide direction that leads to appropriate choices for each student’s abilities and interests. Our involvement enables them to compete and succeed once their choices have been made.

For families in China and other parts of Asia, our Hong Kong location offers convenient access and direct personal contact for both students and their parents, further facilitated by communication with appropriate members of our U.S.-based consulting team.

We familiarize international candidates with American cultural thought, as well as the details and nuances of the American educational system, to dispel previous misconceptions and erroneous information. One area we focus on is effective self-description. Cultural diversity can produce differing concepts of the best way to present a student to targeted schools. We believe there is a special need to bring out the student’s contributive qualities unique to their cultural background; we ensure that each candidate is well-prepared for their interviews and that their application essays are correctly focused and well-written. We emphasize individual strengths and help eliminate what could be misinterpreted and possibly disadvantageous.

To find out more about how Dunbar can help your child best represent him or herself when applying to the American school or college of their choice, click here or on the photo to the top right to send an email to our international team.

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