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Welcome! Since 1984, Dunbar Educational Consultants has been helping U.S. and international students identify and apply to secondary schools, colleges and graduate programs where they will be both successful and happy. Our collaborative approach allows us to provide each student with the experience of our entire team of consultants. We work as a team to help students sort through their strengths and interests, tailor their lists, and present themselves in the best light possible.

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College Application Webinars

The Dunbar Team | 06/27/2024

Welcome to the heat of summer and summer applications! Caroline Brokaw Tucker will be hosting two webinars for rising seniors starting to work on their college applications. Please join us …

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Hats off to the Dunbar Class of 2024!

The Dunbar Team | 06/12/2024

In May, we met to review our Dunbar students’ results and see what trends we could identify. Several of us are also participating in a significantly larger pool of anonymous …

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Summer = A Great Time For Reading

The Dunbar Team | 05/26/2024

Whatever your high school curriculum, reading beyond school assignments is extremely important, especially material that is related to a subject or subjects you are studying (or that simply interests you!). …

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Maximize Strengths

While there are no guarantees in the admissions process, we support students in their quest for their preferred schools or colleges. We encourage our students to seek a challenging and personally satisfying direction.

Students come to us with widely diverse backgrounds, abilities and interests—from the top scholar to the low tester, from the well-rounded to the specially talented, from the self-motivated to the underachieving, and many in between. Our programs are designed to help our students stand out from other qualified candidates, maximize their strengths, and present themselves in ways that will make a positive difference. Through a personalized approach, we help students determine an appropriate direction toward higher education based upon their academic records, interests, and needs.

Our hope is for each student to mature through the process and feel positive about his or her admission results.


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We offer a number of guidance programs tailored to the needs of our students whether they are applying to secondary schools, therapeutic programs, colleges or graduate schools.

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