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Most of our families choose to have an ongoing and comprehensive relationship with Dunbar but we invite you to inquire as to what other programs we provide.

Our Comprehensive Guidance Service is appropriate for students who would benefit from our continuous support and advice throughout their search and application process:

We help students:

  • assess and refine their academic and extracurricular choices
  • capitalize on their strengths, special talents and interests
  • explore academic interests and related career directions
  • plan for standardized testing and organize an optimal testing schedule
  • prepare for productive interviews and campus visits
  • complete effective applications, with an emphasis upon personal essays
  • develop appropriate school, college or graduate school lists based upon individual records, interests and needs

We help parents by:

  • organizing the admissions process
  • motivating the student to assume appropriate responsibility during the process
  • serving as an accessible, impartial resource throughout the process
  • providing accurate, up-to-date and objective information

Our goals for each student:

  • to feel positive about their admissions experience
  • to have several choices at the end of the process
Comprehensive Guidance fees range from $7,500 to $17,500 for the above, depending on whether the student is applying to secondary schools, graduate schools or colleges and when he or she begins working with us. We also offer career counseling services for college students and recent graduates. Please call our office in New Canaan, Connecticut at 203-972-0730 Extension 1, or email Katie Rocheleau directly at to learn more about our Career Services Programs.