Learning More About Colleges Virtually

The Dunbar Team | 07/01/2022

When COVID closed campuses and travel restrictions prevented high school students from visiting campuses in person, colleges quickly adapted, increasing the number and quality of online admissions events and campus …

Class of 2022: Making the Most of College

The Dunbar Team | 06/01/2022

Getting into college is not the end; it’s the next step in educating yourself and preparing for a productive and successful career. Make the most of your college experience and …

How to Stand Out at College Fairs and Recruiting Events

The Dunbar Team | 10/13/2021

Now that college students are back on campus for the fall, recruiting season is officially in full swing. Eighteen months into the pandemic, virtual recruitment still seems to be the …

College Planning is a 4 Year Process!

The Dunbar Team | 11/01/2021

Dunbar’s Tips Year by Year: Freshmen: · Find your footing: For most freshmen, the first few weeks of high school can be daunting. We recommend that freshman students try new …

Building a College List

The Dunbar Team | 09/01/2021

With more the 2,200 four-year colleges in the United States, it can be (understandably) overwhelming for students to narrow down that list to just 10-12 colleges to which they will …

Personal Essay Tips

The Dunbar Team | 10/12/2021

In high school, students learn the value of writing a clear and logic-based essay, revealing their thesis early in their essay and then, proving their thesis with evidence throughout the …

Dunbar Adds Career Counseling Services

The Dunbar Team | 07/30/2020

We are delighted to announce that Katie Rocheleau has joined the Dunbar team as a college admissions counselor. Katie, who is based in Boston, will also provide career counseling services …

Exploring Gap Year Options

The Dunbar Team | 05/05/2020

Dunbar Thoughts on Gap Years 2020 Gap years have been a common practice in the U.K. and Australia for some time, and their popularity is rapidly growing here in the …

Resources for Students During Covid-19

The Dunbar Team | 05/02/2020

We have always felt that a key part of our mission is to reduce stress for our students and their families as they navigate a particularly complex and stressful process. …

College Admissions in the Midst of COVID-19 Webinar

The Dunbar Team | 04/16/2020

Dunbar Educational Consultants hosted a webinar on April 15, 2020 to discuss College Admissions in the Midst of COVID-19 Here is a LINK to watch the recording: Webinar College Admissions Covid-19